Chicago Illinois

Police Headquarters

In the heart of Chicago, Pacific Construction undertook a critical project to renovate this Police Headquarters building. The project was part of our Job Order Contract (JOC) with the City of Chicago and presented unique challenges given the location's significance and the need for seamless execution.

Project Type: Roof Replacement
Project Category: JOC


Urban Location: Working on the roof of the Police Headquarters in a bustling urban environment required meticulous planning to minimize disruptions to daily operations and ensure the safety of all involved.
Structural Integrity: The new roof needed to meet stringent safety and structural standards to protect the important functions housed within the headquarters.
Timeline Sensitivity: With a facility as essential as the Police Headquarters, adhering to project timelines was paramount to minimize any potential operational disruptions.


Solutions & Results

Logistical Planning: Our team developed a comprehensive logistics plan to ensure the efficient flow of materials and personnel while minimizing any impact on the daily operations of the Police Headquarters.
Structural Expertise: Pacific Construction employed experienced structural engineers to design and install a roof that not only met safety standards but also provided long-term durability.
Strict Timeline Adherence: Through meticulous project management and adherence to schedules, we successfully completed the roof replacement on time, ensuring the Police Headquarters remained fully operational throughout.



The successful replacement of the Police Headquarters' roof was achieved with minimal disruption to its essential functions. The new roof not only enhances the building's structural integrity but also contributes to its overall energy efficiency and longevity.



Pacific Construction's ability to tackle sensitive projects like the Police Headquarters Roof Replacement with precision and expertise demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of vital facilities in urban environments. This project serves as a testament to our dedication to quality, safety, and timely execution in the heart of Chicago.

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