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Building trust through specialized construction solutions for over 30 years, Pacific Construction commits to delivering unparalleled results, enriching the lives of our clients, our people, and the communities we serve.



We recognize the vital role construction plays in shaping the places where people live and work. We are dedicated to giving back, supporting local organizations, and creating opportunities for community residents, as we believe in enhancing the well-being and future of the communities we serve.

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We foster a collaborative environment where clients, partners, and our team freely exchange ideas, putting an emphasis on process over outcomes, fostering inclusivity and innovation in every project.

Building Coworkders discussing construction


We consistently demonstrate that clear, transparent communication is pivotal for project success, prioritizing open dialogue with clients, partners, and our team to foster informed, aligned decision-making and achieve project excellence.


We are proud of our body of work and proud to partner with public and private institutions. Our advanced methodology, transparency and communication makes us a valuable and trusted partner. Pacific Construction’s diverse portfolio of successfully completed projects showcases our expertise and experience.

US Army Reserve Center

Federal Government

Our team is strategically selected based on their deep understanding of federal contracting requirements and their track record of working with and understanding federal construction processes. With an extensive portfolio in government contracts, including military, healthcare, energy, justice, public safety, and social service facilities, we've successfully completed various projects, ranging from government buildings to public works. Pacific Construction is your trusted partner for federal projects, leveraging our extensive experience to ensure your next project's success.
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One Medical


At Pacific Construction, we specialize in healthcare construction, offering expertise in new builds and intricate renovations across various healthcare settings. From hospitals and clinics to medical office buildings and assisted living facilities, our diverse portfolio demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the healthcare experience for professionals and patients alike. Explore our projects to see how we bring a profound understanding of healthcare operations to every endeavor, ensuring quality and innovation at every step.
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We lead the way in industrial construction, specializing in manufacturing facilities and expansive warehouses customized to our clients' needs. Combining innovative techniques with deep operational understanding, we ensure each facility is not just robust but optimized for productivity and long-term success. Explore our portfolio to see how our commitment to quality and precision sets us apart as leaders in industrial construction.
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Walled Lake


Our office projects embody more than just physical spaces; they represent our commitment to realizing our clients' visions while upholding efficiency and timelines. Through our dedicated teams and holistic approach, we deliver office environments that serve as catalysts for recruitment, brand elevation, and heightened employee well-being, ensuring enduring success in every project.
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At Pacific Construction, we excel in crafting captivating retail spaces that captivate customers and enhance their shopping journeys. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, we've partnered with renowned international brands, national developers, and regional stores to deliver retail environments that leave a lasting impression and drive business success.
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Ravenswood Terrace


At Pacific Construction, we pride ourselves on our commitment to crafting exceptional multifamily residences that exceed expectations. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, we transform concepts into vibrant communities, delivering quality craftsmanship and enhancing the lives of residents with every project.
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At Pacific Construction, our extensive experience in Job Order Contracting (JOC) spans across major cities, universities, and healthcare institutions, showcasing our versatility and expertise in managing diverse projects. With over 200 successful JOC projects completed, ranging from flooring replacements to critical infrastructure upgrades, we prioritize safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction in every endeavor. Our rapid response team efficiently addresses emergency repairs, both interior and exterior, demonstrating our commitment to quality and adherence to stringent standards across various sectors.
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Adler Planetarium


We thrive on tackling specialized projects with passion and expertise. From innovative research facilities to LEED-certified command centers and awe-inspiring planetariums, our tailored approach ensures precision, creativity, and client satisfaction at every step. Explore our portfolio to discover how our commitment to excellence delivers exceptional outcomes in every unique endeavor.
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